Yet another argument about the's rules… lets stop that, here they are!


We all know the game: Kings Cup. 
Some of us may call it Ring of Fire or King of Beers but the game is the same, the memories are the same, and the fun is the same. 

You go around a circle of friends picking up cards, and the card that you pick up signifies the action that you need to take. Waterfall, Make a Rule, Drink 2, etc. These are the actions that determine who has to drink, and the game keeps on going until the fourth king is picked up.  

Yes, it's Kings Cup. It’s the classic party game, and with the Kings Cup Cards, it’s better and easier to play than ever before, because now they come with the rules and actions printed right on them.

The cards are made in 100% plastic making them party proof!

They are water proof. They are tear proof. They are idiot print. You can even give them a wash after playing. You will never need to throw out another pack of cards because of spillage again. 

This truly is one pack to rule them all.


The story behind the cards.

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Founder of and the creator of the Kings Cup Cards, TJ is a 32-year-old entrepreneur and DJ based out of Melbourne, Australia. Spending over a decade in the Melbourne nightclub scene as a DJ and an Event Coordinator; TJ needed a new challenge… 

TJ strived to evolve the classic drinking game he played during his 20s in a way that will keep adults engaged and entertained for hours at a time.

Whether you are organising a night in with a few close friends or a big, raucous party, Kings Cup Cards are the right choice to add a new layer of social value to your event.

On December 8th 2017, the Kings Cup Cards Kickstarter campaign was funded successfully and the business was born.

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